Ain't We Got Fun proudly offers live music therapy   
 and stimulating  activities for mature adults living in    
 assisted living care homes throughout Southern         

All of our programs are mobile and take place in         
 actual assisted living homes. And the good news is    
 all of our uplifting music and activity programs are      
 affordable to you.

Our entertainment is presented by professionals        
 who are trained to understand the special needs        
 of your residents.

We have a special niche for residents and seniors     
 who are challenged by Alzheimer's disease and          
 dementia.  Our music programs have been proven     
 to reduce depression, withdrawal, agitation,                
 disorientation, confusion and anxiety in those who      
 suffer daily from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Ain't We Got Fun activities and games are                
 presented with the actual hit music of the forties,        
 fifties and sixties.  Music therapy sing along to such   
 singers and musicians as Sinatra, Pat Boone, Nat      
 King Cole, Dean Martin and Benny Goodman can      
 create a cognitive response in residents suffering       
 from Alzheimer's disease. Our entertainment               
 programs enhance the quality of life for both the         
 residents and caregivers of assisted living homes by  
 generating smiles and reducing stress.

Contact us today and start enhancing the quality of    
 life of your cherished residents.  

Mark Neria
Ain't We Got Fun!TM
Reliving the great
songs of yesterday!


Music Therapy and Activities For The Elderly